The AMIDE User's Manual V0.3.1

Andy Loening

Pablo Sau

Spanish translation 


This is release 0.3.1 of the AMIDE User's Manual.

Revision History
Revision AMIDE Manual V0.32003-06-09

Andy Loening


AMIDE stands for Amide's a Medical Image Data Examiner. This program is a tool for viewing and analyzing volumetric medical imaging data sets, and has been designed from the ground up with support for multi-modality imaging.

Table of Contents

Availability of Source Code
Supported Platforms
Contact Information
AMIDE Basics
A Quick Theory of Operations
Components of the Display
Importing Data and Saving Studies
Importation of Data Sets
XIF Files
Exporting a View to JPEG/PNG
Manipulating Medical Data Sets
Manipulating Data Sets on Screen
Manually Aligning Data Sets
Data Set Modification Dialog
Using Regions of Interest (ROI's)
ROI Types
Drawing ROI's
Manipulating ROI's
Calculating Statistics
ROI Modification Dialog
The Study
Study Modification Dialog
Viewing Series of Slices
Rendering Data
Rendering Window
Rendering Parameters Dialog
Rendering Movie Dialog
Additional Tools
Alignment Wizard
Crop Wizard
Factor Analysis Wizard
Filter Wizard
Fly Through Wizard
Profile Tool
ROI Statistics



AMIDE is released under the terms of the GNU General Public Library (GPL).

The text of the license is fairly verbose. A quick summary follows:

  1. You are free to run the program, for any purpose. Please note that, although the GPL makes no restrictions on use of the program, your government probably does. For instance, in the United States, AMIDE is not FDA approved and cannot be used clinically.

  2. You are free to study the source code of the program, and adapt it to your needs.

  3. You are free to redistribute the program.

  4. You are free to release modified versions of the program, as long as you also redistribute the source code to the modified program, and you label your modified version of the program appropriately.

Availability of Source Code

The source code for AMIDE is readily available from the AMIDE web site.

Supported Platforms

In addition to source code, binary versions of AMIDE along with installation instructions can be found for several systems on the AMIDE web site. The currently supported systems are Linux/i386, Microsoft Windows, and Macintosh OS X (achieved through the use of the fink add-on packages).

Contact Information

Questions and bug reports can be addressed to the AMIDE users list . Information on joining the list and/or viewing archived messages can be found here.