AMIDE: Amide's a Medical Imaging Data Examiner


Example Output

Shown here are some examples of the output that AMIDE can produce

  • An example of a transverse fly through movie and a volume rendering movie generated in stereo. These movies were generated from the fused microCAT and FDG-microPET study available here.

    flythrough stereo

  • Examples of transverse and coronal fly through movies, courtesy of Dr. Anna M. Wu. This mouse was scanned 23 hours post injection of a I-123 labeled engineered antibody fragment on a prototype microSPECT/microCT machine developed by Gamma Medica.

    transverse coronal

  • An example of a dynamic data set, volume rendered over time with equal weighting given to each data frame. Ths mouse was injected with 200 uCi [18F]-FDG at the start of a 60 minute scan.


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