AMIDE: Amide's a Medical Imaging Data Examiner



The following is a semi-chronological record of significant milestones in the development of AMIDE.

  • 2012.10.17 Demonstrating MPR, MIP, and MINIP rendering modes for thick slabs (10-mm) from a CT thorax.


  • 2005.11.17 Showing off several new featues. The image display can now be "torn apart" and moved around. The threshold widget can now use center/width values in addition to min/max values. Anterior/Posterior/Left/Right/Supine/Inferior orientations are indicated on the image displays.

    tear away

  • 2004.01.11 AMIDE (finally) includes a profile tool.


  • 2003.05.18 AMIDE now runs under windows too.


  • 2003.03.02 You can now choose which views (transverse, coronal, and/or sagittal) you want. And a 3-way "linked" mode can be used in addition to image fusion.


  • 2002.10.06 A cropping wizard has been added to allow shrinking of data sets.


  • 2001.12.20 The user can switch between orthogonal and linear canvas layouts.


  • 2001.12.08 Isocontour ROI's have now been added. A 3D isocontour ROI has been drawn by clicking on the tumor in the FDG image (hot-metal).


  • 2001.11.18 Showing off the new threshold widget, which has sliders for entering the thresholds as both absolute percentages (right) and relative percentages (left).


  • 2001.10.30 MPEG1 files demonstrating the movie generation capabilities. The first one is a dynamic FDG scan of the heart overlayed on the corresponding transmission image. The second image is a fused microCT and microPET study of a mouse with a tumor on its right flank. The third one is a stereoscopically rendered CT image of a mouse, data set courtesy of Andrew Goertzen.

    dynamic combined stereo

  • 2001.10.30 Volume rendering of a mouse CT scan to show off the new rendering interface. Note that the entire mouse was not contained in the data set (i.e. it looks like it's headless).


  • 2001.10.30 A Time Series of an FDG heart scan (NIH colorscale) overlayed on a transmission scan (BW colorscale) showing off the series widget.


  • 2001.10.01 A shot of AMIDE running on Mac OS X. The fink distribution was used to provide GTK+/GNOME and XonX support. Windowmaker is managing the X windows.


  • 2001.08.05 Showing off the new toolbar, which replaces the widgets which were previously to the right of the canvases. A merged FDG-PET/CT scan of a mouse is shown. The slice thickness has been choosen so as to completely enclose the tumor on the mouse's right flank.


  • 2001.01.07 Shows a session containing a superimposed FDG PET scan (red), CT scan (black/white), and F- PET scan (green)


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