AMIDE: Amide's a Medical Imaging Data Examiner


AMIDE is currently developed using GTK+ on Linux/x86_64. It should work on any system with GTK+, and is currently primarily tested on Linux/x86_64, and less frequently Microsoft Windows XP/i386 systems and Mac OS X x86_64 systems.

What follows is a list of packages relevant to AMIDE. For installation, see the instructions for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

Current Packages

Package Required Notes
AMIDE Y The most current version of AMIDE.
(X)MedCon N Although not strictly required, libmdc from Erik Nolf's (X)MedCon package is used for importing most file formats into AMIDE. You want this.
DCMTK - DICOM Toolkit N DCMTK provides more expansive support for DICOM files than (X)MedCon. If you plan on reading in DICOM files, especially from clinical systems, you'll want this. A SRPM version which builds DCMTK as a shared library is available from AMIDE's sourceforge page.
VolPack N Volume rendering is handled using Philippe Lacroute's volpack volume rendering library. I've placed a version that compiles cleanly on Linux and Mac OS X on the sourceforge project page. You can also get the original version from Stanford (hasn't been updated since 1994).
FFMPEG (libavcodec) N Outputting sequences of images as MPEG1 movie files requires the the FFMPEG encoding library (libavcodec) . If you're installing a binary version of AMIDE on Linux, it's probably linked against the version of ffmpeg-libs available from rpmfusion.
gsl N The GNU Scientific Library (GSL) is needed for performing image alignment using fiducial markers. Many distributions have prebuilt packages for GSL. Information on downloading GSL can be found on the GNU Scientific Library webpage.

Older Packages

Package Required Notes
AMIDE 0.6.* Y If you do not have the Gtk+-2 libraries on your system, you can try using an older version of AMIDE that works with Gtk+-1.2.
libecat N Merence Sibomona's libecat library can be used for importing ECAT files instead of (X)MedCon. You should use the version on the sourceforge project page. An explanation of why not to use the original version is in AMIDE's README file.
libfame N In old versions of AMIDE (previous to 0.9.2), outputting sequences of images as MPEG1 movie files required the libfame library from the fame project.

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