AMIDE: Amide's a Medical Imaging Data Examiner


Notes on putting AMIDE onto a CD for us with MS Windows

After installing AMIDE on MS Windows system, putting AMIDE onto a CD as an image viewer for images on that CD is pretty easy:

  1. copy *content* of "\Program Files\amide" folder into a CD image

  2. The CD image at this point should contain ./bin ./etc ./lib like subfolders.

  3. add your image files to the CD image (e.g. DICOM data or .xif file)

  4. Create a script for starting up AMIDE with the data on the disk by creating a file on the CD image called "start.bat" with the following in it (substitute .\where\amide.xif for the location/name of the .xif or DICOMDIR file you're interested in having loaded up automatically):

      @echo off
      .\bin\amide.exe (.\where\amide.xif)
  5. Burn the CD image to a CD

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